„Besides of gaining new knowledge in my field of studies, studying in Germany made me discover new perspectives and gain new experiences and friends in a favourable and state of the art environment”

Do you want to study in Germany?

Studying in Germany is a good opportunity to all students, as German Universities offer a high level, state of the art learning environment in the most important fields of research and education while high quality mentoring is one of its key elements.

Problems with your university application?

The first step of starting your academic career is to gain one of the limited university places. There is no difference in your application for an exchange semester or as degree seeking student. But, there is no central German committee or authority to apply at, so that the variety of different procedures and requirements is very complex and hard to survey. In addition, the competition among applicants is high as well as the standards, so that more than 43% of all applicants fail due to application formalities. Therefore it is essential for students to have all important information on hand and to know all relevant requirements in order to successfully apply at their desired university.

No idea how and where to apply?

IFAME helps you to answer all your questions and supports you to successfully start your academic career.

IFAME enables a fast, successful and efficient application process to all its students while giving advice and orientation. Its partner network with more than 20 German universities of applied sciences offers a vast variety of different course specialisations on Bachelor and Master Level. IFAME connects students with universities and organises student applications in respect to individual university requirements, prepares student documentation and by this increases application success.


During offered roadshow-trainings in IFAME partner countries, trainers share important information concerning general study and application requirements of the German university system as well as first valuable hints how to successfully apply. How has a successful application to look like. What documents, certificates and forms are required and what content has to be mentioned within a good covering letter are just parts of the provided information.

In addition, IFAME coaches give intercultural teachings in order to prepare the prospect students for their stay in Germany and to make the study exchange a success story.

Individual IFAME counseling interview:

In individual counseling interviews following to the roadshow-trainings, IFAME coaches offer individual discussion on where, how and what to study as well as a review of individual application documents. Competent support and individual target achievement is the core of these sessions.

IFAME application process:

After having decided upon academic studies in Germany, IFAME organises the complete set of application from preparing the documents to its submission to the communication with the desired universities.

As follow-up, IFAME supports its students by applying for visa. Due to its close collaboration and predefined processes with German embassies, individual visa applications are handled precise and efficiently. All relevant documents are prepared in close collaboration under observance of given time frames so that the studies can start as planned. Country specific checklists are shared in order to ensure on time permission without any delay.

IFAME study scheduling:

While applying for academic studies in Germany, IFAME students are getting prepared intensely under constant availability to all student matters. Coordination and communication with all participated parties is a matter of IFAME services. Also accompanying steps such as insurances, opening a bank account, transfer from the airport and checking in their new homes is supported by IFAME. 

IFAME studies:

After having started their academic careers IFAME continues to supervise and support its students, works as interface for all emerging queries and is always available for its students.