"Helping motivated young people to create their future is a great challenge. We know our responsibility for them and are only satisfied fulfilling it 100%."  

About us

More than 20 years of experience in the fields of university development, internationalisation and global management formed the basis for founding IFAME Institute For Applied Management and Education in 2014. Based on this experience and fostered by the existing international and global relationships, IFAME is the first German institute with an intense network which deals with promotion and mediation of international students to German universities.

Meanwhile there are several cooperation programs among IFAME and its related partner universities and more than 10 countries such as India, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria etc..

By this IFAME serves not only as an interface among students, study agencies and universities, but understands itself as partner to all participated parties, smoothening and facilitating all related processes. Communicating over language barriers, formal preparation of study exchange and highly substantiated advisory services are just a few aspects of its daily routine. Constant availability and support in all matters prior, during and after the academic exchange are a matter of course.

By cooperating with all involved parties such as universities, legal authorities and embassies IFAME services are in accordance to all official guidelines and enables all its partners to benefit from its fast and straightforward practice. The result is a successful collaboration with open doors at any time.